Pastures and Bloating With the current rainfall we have had, our pastures have grown. This spring has also brought a lot of clover to our pastures. I don’t think I have ever seen t
Bulls and Testing From The Udder Side of the Story And we are already into April for 2017. This means breeding season is about to start again. And we need to think about getting our bulls tested again. Well I ha
The Udder Side of the Story Are We Ready for Calving Season And we are headed for calving season. I have already had a couple start calving. To prepare for calving season everyone needs to
Anaplasmosis from The Udder Side of the Story THE UDDER SIDE OF THE STORY   Fall is here and we have had a few cases of Anaplasmosis again.  I have personally diagnosed 4 cases already.  This disease is
Colostrum to Help New Babies Live I have written an article about this before, but it is so important that I am going to refresh everyone’s mind about the facts again. I get a lot of questions
MYTHS ABOUT PET FOOD I have a different topic for this article. I get asked a lot of questions about small animal nutrition and what food to feed them. Well, there are a lot of choi
RABIES RABIES I received the information from our Veterinarian in charge of Public Health for the state of Arkansas last week. It is very interesting that Rabies is on
Parvo Parvo is a deadly viral disease of dogs   Parvo is a viral disease of dogs.  Parvovirus which is sometimes shortened to just Parvo for a name sake.  It c
SKIN AND DERMATITIS Skin and Dermatitis on small animals in the summer. We have more problems with skin and dermatitis from various causes in the summer.  By doing skin scrapings