Dr. O’Neill – veterinarian

Dr. O’Neill is the first veterinarian to use adult stem cells to treat animals in pain from arthritis and other chronic disorders in Northwest Arkansas.

In conjunction with stem cells we also do Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.  This is where we remove a blood sample and go to the lab and harvest plasma (the liquid part of the blood) with all of the platelets from the sample in it.  This will set up the perfect matrix for stem cells to live in or help tissue heal themselves.  For short we call this therapy PRP.  It has been used by itself in equine and human medicine right now.  I also have a friend that has had the prp procedure done to his Achilles tendon to help it heal.  He is back to running marathons now.  And without the pain.

In the realm of stem cell therapy and PRP we are using it to treat many different disorders.  Today I soaked a wound on the heel of a horse prior to bandaging and casting the foot with PRP.  This should accelerate the growing of skin over the top of what was proud flesh covering the wound.  Approximately 8 years ago I assisted a colleague in regrowing an entire hoof on a horse using PRP topically like this.  It did take about 8 months, but we grew an entire new hoof.

We are also treating laminitis with a local intravenous perfusion of stem cells into the lower leg.  Some other treatments are in spinal cord injuries.  We have found that stem cells will regrow nerves and have.  We are also looking into treating liver and kidney problems.  The limitations we have are that it will not treat cancer and does not do well with infection.

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