Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter small animals.

Some of the problems we run into spaying female dogs is that they will be brought in while in heat.  This can be a big problem!  With a female dog in heat, she is giving off pheromones that we cannot smell, but other dogs can.  When I spay a female dog and tie off the cervical stump with suture and then she goes home, giving off those pheromones, a male can and will still try to breed her.  When this happens, that ligature around the cervical stump can be loosened or broken.  Then she will start bleeding uncontrollably.  She could possibly bleed out before you could get back to me.  Obviously this would not be good.

Spay and Neuter- Dogs

Now about neutering male dogs, this can be done at anytime.  I do like to at least have them 4 months of age or six months.  I have also had people think they will stay home or be less aggressive, well my answer for that is, I can fix what’s between the legs, but not between the ears.  Some of these problems are training and personality.  To change these behaviors, we just need to work with the animal.

Now for kitties, we have a little different heat cycle.  The females are either in heat, pregnant or pseudopregnant.  So, we will just spay or neuter them when we get the chance.  The pheromones are gone right after we spay the females and it is not a problem.  The main difference in heat cycles is that female cats are copulatory induced ovulators.  This means that they will not ovulate until they have had copulation.  If we spay them, then this is gone.

Male kitties need to be neutered as soon as they have a large enough set of testicles to handle.  I normally like to do these around four to six months of age.  If we wait and do them later, they may have started to spray.  And again, I can fix what is between the legs and not with what is between the ears.  This is a learned behavior.


This article is about Spay and Neuter for small animals.