Bob Mueller

Doc is a lot of fun and one of the most knowledgeable veterinarians I know. From Bulls to Chihuahuas, this guy know his stuff.
By: Bob Mueller

Sandy Williams

Doc O’Neill is my vet and I consider him a friend , have known and used his services since he moved to Arkansas.He is very knowing and compassionate with patients and clients, highly recommend him as a vet, and really good kind person.
By: Sandy Williams

Ron Williams

we agree with alice and loree not enough words to explain doc and his staff to anyone if you care about your anlmals see doc you wont regret it again THANKS DOC AND CREW.
By: Ron Williams

Stephanie Jeffus Cowan

We have told many friends and family member about Doc O’Neill and his staff. We are so pleased and grateful to have his care for our pets! Stem cell and PRP therapy was just what our lab needed! Thank you! Thank you!
By: Stephanie Jeffus Cowan

Alice McCormick Owens

THE VERY BEST!!!! Doc and his staff are great. Do your animals a favor, bring them to doc o’neill when they have a need for help.
By: Alice McCormick Owens